Baby Steps to an Amazingly Healthy You.

Welcome to our ‘Baby Steps to an Amazingly Healthier You’. Where we are going through some of the most successful ways to transform your health. We are going to travel through a few things you might already know and a lot of facts that are sure to change your thinking about health and nutrition. We are bringing you the up to date science, we are bringing you the common sense, and we are bring you the ‘no-duh’.

The problem in todays society is that through the dumbing down of America, many people don’t even know the ‘no-duh’ any more. Then there are the lies and deceptions created by very powerful people for the purpose of profit. We are here to filter though the mountains of error to bring you the truth, the facts, and the science that you need to make those intelligent, well informed decisions.

Mark Twain once said, ‘Don’t let schooling interfere with your education’. You don’t have to go to school to become educated. And many of the people who are going to school are simply being indoctrinated by a system for profit, not for truth in education. Just look at the doctors today. Most have never had one single class about nutrition. In fact in 2014 the state of California made its first requirements for doctors to take a course on nutrition. Most states still don’t have it. The majority of the doctors in this country know the basics of how the body works, and what prescription is needed for any particular ailment. They don’t know preventive medicine, and they certainly don’t know how to reverse diseases through natural ways and proper diet. So they give you a pill, and if that pill doesn’t work, they will pick another. That’s why they call what they do, ‘a practice’.

So I pray that you will educate yourself beyond the poor schooling that most doctors have. And if you need the security of getting your knowledge from a professionally trained doctor, you’ve came to the right place. We bring you the best doctors in the world. These doctors have went beyond their schooling to the advanced education that every doctor should have. We have the scientists too; who specialize in the depth of knowledge beyond most doctors circle of study.

Then there are the statistics. which are a huge aid in any truth of study. We just need to be aware that quite often certain people will twist, cherry pick or even flat out lie about their facts. Some even go to the extreme of creating a fake university study with full blown deceptions; just for the purpose of again selling product. So we do need to consider the source, and investigate their credibility. And that too is an important aspect of what we present to you.

Discernment is critical when it comes to making good decisions. Pray for discernment. And the Bible says that God will give it to you. With all the problems we are challenged with in todays society, discernment gives us that wisdom to see beyond the lies and deceptions that are so well put together these days. Discernment will give you the flexibility to see truth. Discernment will give you the patients to study and learn. Come let us reason together.

Thank you so very much for going through these facts. Apply them to your life and you will be transformed. Share this information with others too. We all know people who need to get healthy, and these Baby Steps are a great way to get the right knowledge.

We try to present you a balance of information. Not too little like so many people present, trying to convince you of their lies without proof. Not so much that you are overwhelmed with a mountain of technical gibberish. Each section has just the right depth of knowledge needed, and many of them have a ‘deeper knowledge’ button for those of you who really want to be inspired.

Our passion is to help you get healthy, ‘One Bite at a Time’. And these are the sections where you can take huge bites of knowledge for getting physically healthy. Enjoy.