I want to thank you, I am a new vegan, out of necessity, I was taken to the hospital, by ambulance, when they ambulance arrive, they took one look at me and said you are throwing up coffee ground blood, we need to get you to the hospital now. I have gastroparesis, it is when you what they call a slow gut your food does not move through your stomach, but stay in your stomach until you throw it up.Anyway after I got home I prayed to god for guidance, he seemed to be telling me to listen with an open mind. I went on youtube, looking for something I was not sure what, but I was going to listen with an open mind. I looked and did not find anything that interested me, same oh same oh, I had seem before. I finally saw you chanel, you and Melody were cooking together, she shared about her gluten sensitivity, so I listened, I have celiac disease, and there are not many good recipes on gluten, so I though I will listen for awhile, that is what the Lord seemed to be saying, the longer I listened the more I thought I could do this, does not look all that hard, no fancy, ingrediences, just healthy recipes, then you said something about you being a vegan chef, I knew I had to get my digestive problems under control, so I thought maybe I should try this, you have a way about you that is easy to understand, so I decided while I watched you I was going to give this a try. After all they said next time they might nor be able to stop the bleeding, so I was willing to try anything.  I have been a vegan for five weeks, and pleased to say, I have not thrown up anymore blood, no nausea, or vommiting, it is like the gastroparesis just went away.  Thanks for making the vegan lifestyle look do able. I know you are the one God wanted me to listen to. You have been a lifesaver.I will be honest I tried the vegetarian diet a few years back and I failed. Usually I would have told myself, you tried this before, now you think you can be a vegan, that is harder than a vegetarian, I have friends that are vegetarian, but they only eat frozen indian stuff, so they could not help, I hate tv dinners. So Mark, I feel like you saved my life, sure glad I listened with an open mind. I was told in 1994 I had 6 months to live and to go home and get my affairs in order,  had an enlarged heart, from lupus. So thank you and know I watch you all the time. I  went to the University of Washington, and they fixed my heart. One of the UW cardiologist just happened to be at a hospital I was at, and said if I was willing to go there he thought they could fix my heart and they did. They kept giving me another 20 years, a month ago they said you have no Expiration date now. I take no medication, pretty good for someone 75 years old. But you are the one who convinced me I could become a vegan. You and Melody are the best. Thank you again. I was at work at my desk in the church office, when a new Christian came in and told me he learned something about God, he is seldom early, but never late. So he led me to you just when I was open enough to listen and you were kind enough to give me the tools I needed.God bless you both.


Everyone can do things to get healthier, it’s working for me!

By going on a vegan lifestyle, I have lost 60 pounds, and my cholesterol has went from 263 down to 118. I have more energy than I have ever had. It has not only made me physically better, I am mentally sharper, and I have a better spiritual relationship with God. It really is true, body, mind and spirit are definitely all connected.

I also have enjoyed the money that I save. I save a LOT of money because I have my biggest meal for breakfast and am not hungry all day and eat less. If you get rid of all the meats and dairy, you will have plenty of money to buy all the healthy fruits and vegetables, grains and oats, rice, beans and nuts; and you will still have money left over. it’s a great way to save money!
And the best part is that my taste buds don’t have all that grease all over them and I really get the flavor out of the food. Every thing tastes so much better! I don’t even need all the salt, and sugar, and oil to get the flavor.

M. J.