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Lifestyle Lesson about Cholesterol

By Mark Anthony


Cholesterol is the #1 killer on the planet today, yet we continue to consume it in record numbers. Cholesterol is found in all forms of animal products. Everything from milk, eggs and cheese, to chicken, beef and seafood; and it is all loaded with this killer element, cholesterol. You will never find cholesterol in any fruits or vegetables.
Here in America, we have the highest levels of cholesterol of any country on the planet. Comparatively, we also have the highest death rate from killer diseases. 90% of the death rate here in America is from killer diseases and most of them are directly related to the consumption of animal products.
We consume 41% of our diet in the form of animal products and 52% of our diet is in the form of refined and processed foods; with only 7% of our diet coming from fruits and vegetables. That's it, 7%, and that's why we have such a high death rate from killer diseases.
These killer diseases include heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancers and even a great number of infectious diseases are related to the bodies inability to function because of the cholesterol overload into our bodies. And it's all because of this excess of animal fat and cholesterol. Our bodies just were not made to absorb so much.

Now in a reverse change of direction, Cancer has actually caught up with heart disease to try and become the #1 killer disease on the planet. This is due to the higher percent of chemicals that we are consuming, which has a higher cancer infection and lower heart disease dominance. Heart disease and cancer are neck and neck with statistics ranging between 25% to 29% of the market and a combined total of over 55% of the total death rate globally going to these two killers alone.
In fact when it comes to cancers, the list is long. brain cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, and stomach cancer are all cancers that are directly linked to the consumption of animal products, and the list goes on; bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, even skin cancer, are directly linked to the consumption of animal products. And once again the largest percentages are all statistically related to animal fat and cholesterol.


Dr. Oz put it real easy to understand one day, he said that everyone of us gets cancer cells every day. And when we have the right amount of oxygen in our blood it removes these cancer cells on a regular basis so they do not become a growth. But when we coat every one of our blood cells, and brain cells, with this animal fat and cholesterol, then our blood does not get the oxygen it needs and cannot remove the cancer cells. And then boom, we have a killer disease.
It's no wonder, as our cholesterol levels rise as a nation, so does our sickness and killer diseases within our society. Our bodies just can't do the job their suppose to be doing.

Some people are going vegetarian by cutting out the meats and still drinking milk and eating cheese. This is not Vegan. And it is not healthy!

Cornell University did a study and found out that if you quit eating meat and are still consuming milk and cheese, it's like going from 50 cigarettes a day down to 40. Your just not doing your body any good unless your getting off the milk and cheese. In fact the milk and cheese is the worst of anything.


Cholesterol really is the #1 problem on the planet today. So remove all the animal products out of your diet and you will be removing the #1 problem with your diet. And even your food will start tasting so much better, because you won't have all that cholesterol surrounding all of your taste buds.
Cholesterol kills more people every year than any other element, even cigarettes. I kind of feel like the surgeon general should put warning labels on anything that contains cholesterol like they do for cigarettes. "Cholesterol causes cancer" "Cholesterol causes heart disease" and then maybe more people would get the message as to how devastating this problem really is.

Do everything you can to get off this cholesterol. I would certainly recommend going on a full blown vegan lifestyle, It works for me, and I have never felt better. My Cholesterol went from 263 down to 118 and I have lost almost 80 pounds. Going vegan, with no animal products whatsoever is a lot easier than you think, stick to the whole foods, stick to the fresh fruits and vegetables. You will actually spend less time in the kitchen, because everything is so much easier to prepare. It's not very hard to cut up a salad, or make a bowl of oatmeal, saute some vegetables instead of a steak. And in today's world, we have hundreds of options when it comes to healthy choices.

I always tell people, take life one step at a time. You don't have to do everything all at once, but you do need to start taking those steps. And the first step is to get off the Cholesterol. Just start with that first step, get off that milk and cheese. then take another step, and one step at a time, day by day. In no time at all you will be back to living that healthy vibrant life the God wants you to have. He has given us His health message & He wants us to follow it, because He loves us and wants to see us healthy.


The World Health Organization just made this statement: "80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented." It's up to you! Continue eating animal products the way you have, you are almost guaranteed to receive a killer disease.

So start today. Get on the path and keep on the path. If you run into a stumbling block, turn it into a stepping stone and keep going. In no time at all, you will be living at far more healthier life.
Framingham University did a study and found out that in most cases, when you go on a full blown vegan lifestyle, it will reverse all the damage that you have done in your younger years. Cholesterol closes your arteries and a plant based diet opens your arteries and sucks all that cholesterol out of your system.

It is very easy to go vegan and get off this killer named "Cholesterol", and it's fun too! Turn your kitchen into an entertainment center and see what great creations you can produce that taste better and are a lot better for you.


This is Mark Anthony, saying, Live Better, Eat Vegan




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