Links For Great Food Products


Butler Foods: 

Butler Foods has great products including the Amazing Butler Soy Curls.! We use them in a LOT of recipes.   They also have some of the best Vegan Jerky on the market.

Click here to Visit their Site.


Natural Way Mills: 

Natural Way Mills is the best mill I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  The thing that sets them apart from the rest is their passion for consistency.  True bakers know the need for consistent flour, and if you buy the store bought flours, they are very inconsistent and your recipes come out different every time.  Natural Way Mills ensures that every single batch they make has the exact same amounts of vital nutrients so that your baking comes out right every time.

And that’s not all.  They have a huge variety of other organic products.

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Links For Nutritional Education

My first link that I want to share with you is the best.  It comes from Dr. Michael Greger, who is probably the #1 doctor when it comes to the science of nutrition.  He has hundreds of videos and articles on every subject.  Everything he does comes with the sources as he really does his homework.  But watch out, he has a dry sense of humor, that some people don’t catch.

Enjoy his site at: