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Greatest Tips to Your Health

#1 Get Off The Cholesterol.


Cholesterol is the largest killer on the planet today. 90% of the death rate in America is from killer diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and stroke. And the majority of these deaths are directly related to cholesterol. Now the easiest way to lower your cholesterol is to lower your consumption of the animal products that are giving you the cholesterol in the first place! I would recommend a total abstinence from all animal products. If you eliminate all the milk, cheese, eggs, chicken, steak etc., you will live a longer and much healthier life. GUARANTEED. The bottom line, CHOLESTEROL KILLS PEOPLE. So we need to get as far away from it as possible.

#2 Reduce or Eliminate Sugar

Sugar is bad and everybody knows it. Yet we continue to consume an average of 7 pounds of refined sugar per person, every month. WOW that's a lot of sugar. And if you take away all the people that don't do the sugar thing, the average might be as much as 10 pounds. And it's all bad, doesn't matter what you call it, it's bad.

#3 Reduce Oils

This is including olive oil, coconut oil and any other kind of oil that you can think of. People try to justify that one oil is better than another when in all reality, they're all bad for you, plain and simple!


#4 Reduce Salts


Salt is one of the addictions that is a global crisis because of it's inexpensive abundance, It is a fact that many people have well over 20 times the recommended amounts we should be having. 500mg should be your limit. That's only about 1/5 of a teaspoon. Yep!! That's it. Way less than your consuming??

#5 No Alcoholic Products

Bottom line here is that it kills the body, mind and spirit. Some people will justify that wine has a beneficial factor to it, well, so does grape juice, and it doesn't kill thousands of people every year like alcohol does.

#6 Reduce or Eliminate Caffeine

Coffee, sodas, and even many pain relievers have caffeine levels that can cause some serious medical problems.

#7 Eat Your Biggest Meal for Breakfast

We need to do the exact opposite of what people in society do. They have the smallest breakfast, a bigger lunch, and even a bigger dinner. We are a lot better of when we have the biggest meal for breakfast, a smaller lunch, and even a smaller dinner.

#8 Drink Plenty of Water

6 to 8 cups is old school. 1 ounce for every 2 pounds is modern thinking. 200 pound person should have 100 ounces a day. Dehydration causes strokes and heart attacks.


#9 Exercise Regularly

Even if it is a consistent walk, it's better than nothing. Be consistent and no need to overwork yourself. Most of your health lies in diet, and then exercise too.

#10 Get plenty of Rest

My mom use to say every hour before midnight is like 2 hours after. Naps are good to, they allow your blood pressure to get back to a normal rate of manageability.

#11 Breathe - The Fresh Air will Do You Good


It's Really all about balance and doing the right things. Take one step at a time and continue in the direction of getting healthier. Don't stop on the path, If you run into a stumbling block, turn it into a stepping stone and continue in the decided direction. That' is the ONLY way to get results and accomplish ANYTHING in life. CONTINUED STEPS!! One Breath at a time!


#12 Pray Every Day


Last and the most important. Stay in prayer. It is the foundation of all health. When you pray for discernment, you get it, and that's where you get the right wisdom to make the right decisions when it comes to all your healthy elements.



The General Rule of Thumb When I Go Shopping

I ask myself 2 questions


#1 Do I need it or do I want it?

This actually saves me tons of money.

#2 Is this product going to help my body or is it going to harm my body?

And if there is something in that product that is going to harm my body, I'll just buy something else. I have plenty of people wanting my shopping dollars.



Sources: Here are some of the sources that I use. When I am researching elements, I generally try to find a number of backings and not just one. When it comes to the statistics, you will notice that I often use a range or apx. # because of the range of different results from different sources.

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