If you haven’t heard of Satiety Ratings, your not alone. It’s the new buzz phrase for the new millennium. Basically put, how satisfying is the food you eat? There is a candy bar out there, and I won’t mention Snickers by name; but they claim to be ‘satisfying’. While it may curb your hunger for abut five seconds, it will actually leave you craving more because of its addictive design.
There are a number of good Satiety Rating Charts out there, and a couple of bad ones. The range is because I haven’t ever seen any real scientific basis for the conclusions. The big unanswered question with all these charts is… What constitutes ‘satiety’? After all, you can get satisfaction out of a glass of water. In fact, in all reality; sometimes a glass of water is all you need when you are feeling that hunger need arise. So what foods can really claim satiety?
If you eat a food, and are still hungry; that’s not what I would consider satiety. If you eat a food, and it’s not filling; that’s not satiety.
And if you eat something that’s filling, but doesn’t give you long lasting energy, that’s not satiety. You see, there are a lot of foods that can claim satisfaction, but don’t fulfill all the requirements. We want food that gives us energy for a longer duration. We want food that is filling to the body. And we want food that wont create additional cravings. And hopefully we will have food that tastes great.
Below is a link to charts of the foods and their Satiety Ratings.

As for the fun side of Satiety, what about a craving for chocolate? Well have a piece of chocolate, and your craving for chocolate is gone. Man was that piece of chocolate satisfying! But why was it satisfying? The satisfying rating for your actual body was absolutely horrible, but yet you were satisfied. Here’s why. It was a mental satisfaction of addiction. And pretty soon you need another piece of chocolate, and another, and another. And before you know it, you ate the whole bag.
LEARN THIS….. If you were to take just one piece of chocolate, and allow it to melt in your mouth, without swallowing for an extreme amount of time; Your body will be getting the complete satisfaction out of one piece of chocolate instead of ten. That’s right, it’s a matter of filling your receptors, without filling your stomach with calories. You could actually spit out the chocolate, and your craving is still satisfied.
So we need know the difference between a craving and true need for satisfaction. Even in the winter, people look forward to those holiday treats. Pumpkin pie, and popcorn balls can be simply cravings for a flavor and not for a nutrition or fuel.
I think you are catching the idea for satiety. Personally, I look for the foods that have the highest energy without all the calories. Sweet potatoes are at the top of my chart.
There is one more big secret to getting the satisfaction out of your food. And I will explain this with a bowl of oatmeal. Have you ever had a bowl of quick oats and you’re hungry an hour later? That’s because the body is not having to break it down as much. If you take the same size bowl of steel cut oats or whole groats, you will not be hungry near as fast.
You see, anytime manufactures break down food, it digests quicker so your body doesn’t have to do the digesting. This is why you want to stick to the whole foods rather than the processed foods. Whole oats will give you a LOT better Satiety Rating than the quick oats. Whole wheat, is a lot more satisfying than bread. Even a salad, is going to be more satisfying than a blended smoothie of the exact same food. And even fruit like grapes; it is a lot more satisfying that the exact same grapes turned into raisins.
Generally speaking, raw foods will give you better satisfaction than the same foods cooked. Of course a lot of foods like beans and rice, we cook first. Cooking is part of the digestion process. So a cup of raw carrots will be better then a cup of cooked.