Rest is another freebee that you should always take advantage of. And there is far more to rest than you could possible imagine. There are annual rests like a vacation that can really get you recharged and refreshed. Then there is that weekly day of rest that the Bible talks about; which is critically important to have proper balance. And then there is that daily rest, which is where we are going to start with today.
Are you getting the proper daily rest? Chances are that the answer is no. Well what’s the problem? We can first narrow this problem into two possibilities. Either you’re not getting enough rest, or you’re not getting a good rest.
Let’s start with the quantity of rest. While most so called professionals will recommend that adults get 7 to 8 hours sleep a night; I go to another level of reality. The amount of sleep you need will be different for every single person and their circumstances. Some people function great with 5 hours sleep a night, others function much better with 10. remember, every single person is different.
There is a big issue of of hard you work. If you are doing body beating construction, you may have days of more need sleep for your body to repair itself. Age can have a lot to do with how much sleep you need, and even the seasons can tend to put people into longer sleeping phases.
Bottom line, when you start getting the right quantity, your entire body will function better, and your day will be transformed. Now lets talk real quick about quality, because they do go hand in hand. Are you getting a good night sleep? Waking up, tossing and turning, mind zooming? These can all be critical problems affecting your sleep. So let’s start with the basics to get quality sleep.
First, be consistent. Lets start with the time you go to bed. Make it consistent and make it early. Most people go to be far too late. And yes, I’ve heard the excuse, ‘but I’m a night owl. No you’re not. Your a human, who has developed a bad habit. Breaking this habit takes consistent effort. Go to bed three hours earlier, set your alarm clock and wake up three hours earlier. This will take time to adjust to, and especially when there are families involved. But do it, just do it. No excuses. just do it.!!! and be consistent, and after a couple weeks, your going to be retrained into the way you should have been sleeping all along.
You know that age old saying, ‘Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise’ ? Well it is absolutely true. If you go to bed, you will have more wealth. That’s right! But you will have to read ‘More Knowledge’ to get that.
I was always told, ‘Every hour before midnight is like two hours after midnight’. Well if that was true, I could get up at Midnight every day. Yes, I love an 8:00pm bedtime. And up at 4:00am sometimes 3:00am. And sometimes. I’ll even sleep in till 6. All depends what my body needs.
Bottom line, get a consistent EARLY bed time. Morning hours are more valuable than wasting your time watching a bunch of stupid television programs before you go to bed. And those violent killing programs, is probably why you stay of late, because you can’t sleep, because you’ve been watching all these stupid programs that arouse your endorphins. Get off that cycle.
There is a LOT more information in the More Knowledge section on this subject, but for today, get consistent with when you go to bed, and get consistent on the quantity.

Deeper Knowledge

Let’s start right in with people who are not getting a good night sleep. Can’t get to sleep, waking up often, wake up and can’t get back to sleep. Well like I just said, watching violent, suspenseful, seductive, or loud TV before going to bed; can be just like taking a bunch of caffeine. Shut those TVs off.

Conditions: The next best solution is environment. Most people sleep better in a cooler room. And a ‘white noise’ can be a great sleeping tool. There are a lot of devices out there that you can get to provide soothing sounds of every sort. Or, what we do is simply turn on the fan for the sound.
Darker the room, the better. If you have light coming in the windows, get them covered. When you live up north like I do, it doesn’t get dark till 9:30 in the summers. And for you graveyard workers, it’s an absolute must to b]black out those windows.

Too Much Rest: Now one of the problems you may have if you are not getting a good night sleep, is the possibility that you are actually getting too much rest. Some people who are having sleepless nights, need to cut their sleeping time by an hour or two. Set that alarm clock, and don’t hit the snooze button. Get up.! I repeat, don’t keep hitting the snooze button. There are actually a lot of people who will hit that snooze button over and over, and if they would just get in the practice of getting right up; then their bodies would start getting a far better uninterrupted sleep. This also takes consistency in order for your body to develop the good habits you are missing.

UnPlug: Shut off those devises, there is no reason for you to get a text or call in the middle of the night. Now I do realize that many of you may need to have your phones on because of emergencies, so you don’t need to email me about this one. But I for one will always shut off my devices. If there is a death in the family, I’ll find out about it in the morning. If my child ends up in jail, it’s probably a good thing to leave them in there for the night. If the world blows up, and everyone on the planet is vaporized, I’ll find out about it soon enough. Don’t need to wake me up over it. The point I’m trying to make here, is that there is really nothing on this planet that is worth losing sleep over. Nothing.
This has a lot to do with time management, you can take care of issues any other time you want or need to, but not during your sleep. Sleep is a job, and it needs to be as uninterrupted as possible.

Things on your mind, can’t sleep? This can be because of a lot of issues. Relationships. Finance. Your job. Maybe poor health keeps you up. Whatever your worries are, keep them out of the bedroom. Easier said than done? Not really. Look friend, is there anything you can do about your finances when you’re sleeping? Is there anything you can do about your relationships when your sleeping? No. And that’s the point. Why are you letting one problem affect another?
Technically, ‘worry’ is the minds inability to deal with things, that may never happen. And the sad part is that most people who have worries and stress when they are trying to sleep; are actually contributing to the problem because they didn’t get a good night sleep, thus making them be poor decision makers. People who get that good night sleep are far more clear minded and experience far more success in every aspect of their lives. Do not take your problems to bed with you, your just going to make things worse.

Graveyard Workers: I worked graveyard for years in the hospitals, and I would still keep consistent hours for sleep. My sleep time was 11:00 am till 7:00pm. I did these same sleep hours, even on my days off. In fact, I would normally get up at 7:00pm, go to the health club, and then head off to the hospital for my shift.
Consistency is critically important for those graveyard workers. When I got off work, I would sometimes take a 30minute nap, but then never go right to bed, I would always stay up till 11:00am. I would still shut off all the devices, have the fan on, and a blacked out cool room.
In fact, it was when I was working those hospitals, when I discovered the importance and value of a good nights sleep. Or in my case, a good days sleep

And when you get hold of managing your sleep properly, you will be far more productive in your waking hours.