This is the big one, One of the most important lessons you need to learn about. Let me tell you friends, one of the best things you could even do to get healthy is simply eliminate all those fats and oils. We will talk about the fats in animal products later; which is a major problem with peoples health. But today, we are simply going to talk about the oils.
There are a lot of processed oils on the market today. And there is not one single one of them that is good for you. I want you to eliminate the oils, all of them! No more vegetable oil, no more corn oil, no more coconut oil, no more olive oil. WHAT! No olive oil? That’s right… And I know what the defenders of these oils are going to be saying. But that’s a good fat.! Well sure it’s a good fat, and I know that we need some good fats in our diet. The problem is that it is a ‘processed’ good fat, making it a not so good fat.
Eat the coconut, not the coconut oil. Eat the olive, not the olive oil. Eat the corn, not the corn oil. And it’s not the fact that you put a little olive oil on your salad or put some coconut oil in a dessert. I’m not the food police. It’s the fact that in todays world, we are getting bombarded by these so-called ‘healthy’ fats. Even so much that you can actually find diet books out there telling you to drink a cup of olive oil a day. Or another diet I saw was the bacon diet. These diets are claiming that the fats curve your appetite. And like I explained in the last Baby Step, calorie restriction will help you lose weight; but these stupid diets are exactly that, Stupid! And extremely unhealthy.
Now brace yourself friends, I’m about to show you one of the many reasons why to eliminate these oils from your diet. Then in the Deeper Knowledge, we will really get down to the science. But for layman purposes, The number one reason to get rid of those oils is because it is the cause of type 2 diabetes. That’s right! And many doctors around the world now know this.
It use to be that all the doctors were trained to diagnose the problem, and then when they determine that a person is a Type 2, get them on the pharmasucials. Most doctors do not know how to reverse diabetes, they only show you how to live with it. When in reality, if you are a type 2 diabetic and you eliminate the oils and fats; usually within a few week, your diabetes is reversed and you will no longer need that insulin. In the ‘Deeper Knowledge’ section, I have the proofs you may want to investigate more into. But for today, I am simply giving you the truth about oil.
Type 2 diabetes being triggered by oil is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more. But for today, just remember this; We are not automobiles! You do not need to be chug-a-lugging 10W40. We are water based bodies that need water as our lubricant, not oil. In fact oil slows our bodies down, it blocks our cells so they can’t do their job. And in all my years of studies, I have NEVER came across anybody having an oil deficiency. Never. So get off all those massive amounts of oil, and live a much healthier life.
The other issue that we will be discussing in greater detail in the calories from fat.