New Labels Not Good

There was a time when I agreed with the label changes of years past because they were making them easier to read and understand.  But a new transformation of the labels has occurred and this time, it’s for the worse.  Back in the administration of 2016 the Federal Governments USDA implemented a new standard for labels, and all manufactures are required to comply by July 26th of 2018.  So now the new labels are on most every product.  But what is different.?

They did place a new ‘added sugar’ element to the bottom of the label and I’m sure that will be of some assistance.  And they are trying to implement practical ‘portions’,with very little success, because it is still considered a manufactures discretion for their executive decision.

The biggest problem is the fact that they have now removed the calories from fat on the labels.  THAT”s RIGHT.!  The number one problem that we have in society today, which is the calories from fat; and it is no longer on the labels.  This is what I call the dumbing down of America.  Who in their right mind would EVER remove the calories from fat?  Well, it’s the manufactures and their lobbyist machine.  Let’s face it, if you know that hummus is 67% calories from fat, you wouldn’t be buying it.

Now there is a way to determin what the calories from fat is in a product.  You first have to find the Total Fat and mulitlpy it times nine.  This will give the you the calories from fat in a portion, and then you will have to compare that number to the Total Calories.  And then of course if you needed to, you can Multiply the Calories from fat times 100 and then divide the Calories from Fat by the total calories, and you can get the percentage of fat in that product.

So the Hummus pictured would go like this:

Total fat 6 grams X 9 = 54 grams of fat per portion.

54 times 100 = 5400,

and then divided 5400 by 80 total calories:

And you hummus is: 67.5% calories from fat.

Now who is going to take the time to do this, AND who is even going to know how to do this?  And in all reality, I can make a smooth creepy hummus that is 5% calories from fat and cost 1/2 the price.

So Watch out for those new ‘Deceptive’ labels.  Because they are no longer telling you the calories from fat.

And my better advice is to eat those products that don’t have a label.  Eat something that IS a plant, not something that is manufactured IN a plant.

Mark Anthony