Today I am going to share with you the secret to every single diet on the planet. That’s right.! There is a secret. Now there are a lot of diets out there. Some of you may ;have heard of the Akins diet or the Paleo diet, where you eliminate carbs from your diet. And by the way, these groups have the highest heart disease of anybody on the planet. The Palio diet was on the ABC list as one of the worst diets on the planet back in 2015. And Dr. Akins died of heart disease.
Then of course there are sugar free diets, and fat free diets and the South Beach diet, and the bacon diet. So many crazy diets, you can’s keep track of them. Well I do keep track of them; and even have them listed with the problems with every one of them.
Now you could go to Jenny Craig or Weight-watchers, or NutriSystems. Or if you want to starve your self there is the CowGirl diet??????? Or maybe a water diet. And realistically ALL of these diets could possibly help you lose weight, but most are simply unhealthy ways to lose weight.
But what’s the secret Mark? Do tell.!! Well, here it is. Every single diet on the planet has some form of food restriction which creates calorie restriction; which is why you lose weight. Look friends, this is not rocket science here. You simply have to have less calories coming in than you have going out in burning energy. And that is the simple fact of the matter. Jenny Craig and the other like companies create their food restriction from portion control. Akins diet eliminates a lot of calories from not eating all those processed carbs.
There are also diets that along with a food restriction, they get you exercising to burn more calories. Now that part of the equation is a great idea, we just don’t want to starve yourself from the good nutrients you need in the process.
Yes portion control is a big issue. Generally speaking, we need to eat a lot less food. And one of the issues we will be looking at in the Processed Foods section is how most of the processed foods are now designed to be addictive, making you eat more and more and more.