As we have learned in earlier Baby Steps, we need to drink more water.  It’s is the body’s lubricant, and brings more oxygen to the blood.  It is also an aid to creating an alkaline body, which as we just learned in the last baby step, is critical for cancer reduction.

But I decided to take the drinking water one step farther and look at the water content of food.  By doing this, we discover an amazing comparison.  So the question would be, what foods have the highest water content?  And of course your answer would be watermelon.  Some people may suggest tomatoes, or celery, or berries; and those are all very good answers.  But what about oats? or rice?  Yes, they are very high water content due to their hydration process.  Even beans, and quinoa would have high water content.  And in a nutshell, all your plant strong foods have the highest water content.

So lets take a look at the foods that have the lowest water content of anything.  Can you guess?  Well, it just so happens to be your meats and cheese.  AND the refined oils have relatively no water content.  Now isn’t that an amazing coincidence?  Your healthiest foods loaded with water, and your most unhealthy foods, not so much.

So stick to those ‘foods’ that have a higher water content, and you will have an Amazingly Healthier You.