Here are some simple strategies and facts about drinking more water.

I once read an article on a doctor’s internet medical site called WebMD that said it doesn’t matter what liquids you get your water from, as long as your getting the right quantity. Well, that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. And for it to be presented by so called medical professionals just goes to show you how clueless some of these people are when it comes to nutrition.

Because let me tell you, if the only thing you ever drink is milk; you’re going to have problems. If the only liquid you ever drink is sodas, you’re definitely going to have health problems. AND if the only thing you ever drink is tequila, I guarantee you are going to have serious problems.

There are a couple reasons why I want you to be drinking water instead of other liquids, and then we can get into the technical facts as to why water is best.

First, there is no downside whatsoever to drinking water, and there is a downside to every other liquid out there. Other liquids will have either calories, or fat, or chemicals, or a plethora of other harmful elements. Water is pure, and there is nothing in it that can harm the body.

Second, Water brings oxygen to the blood. When we have the right amount of oxygen in our blood, that is one of our largest filtering systems. It’s like getting a free detox every day.

Third, just look at the calories. You are going to save a lot of calories. Even the zero calorie beverages can promote weight gain due to the salts and chemicals that will puff up your fat cells.

Forth, look at the money you will save. many people will spend well over $5.00 or even $10.00 a day for beverages other than water. There is that morning coffee, and those daily monster energy drinks are expensive. Add a couple sodas, and a bottle of wine; and you’re into it for the amount of thousands of dollars a year.

Try This!

If you like to have a flavored water, there are plenty of fruits that can give variety, lemon, lime or even strawberries. I also love to use the stevia liquid drops. There are a couple of brands out there and count less flavors ranging from apple and berry, to vanilla

and watermelon.

I like to get a couple of glasses of water first thing in the morning before breakfast.

If I get hungry in-between meals, I will drink a large glass of water. Usually that’s all I needed.

And I have trained myself to know how much to drink before I go to bed, as to not have to get up in the middle of the night. About one cup works perfect for me.

In conclusion, quit drinking all liquids other than water. No more sodas, no more alcohol, no more coffee, no more so called energy health drinks. You can even do without the soy milk and almond milk for everyday drinking. I will use then from time to time in recipes and for oatmeal; but I never drink them for a beverage.

Save a LOT of money and get a huge boost in getting healthy with Baby Step #1, Drink More Water.

Deeper Knowledge

Benefits of Water

  1. Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids. Scientists can’t seem to agree on how much water the body contains. Their opinions have ranged from 60% to 95%. However you look at it, that’s a lot of water. Functions needing this precious water include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, maintaining body temperatures, and transporting nutrients through the body.
  2. Water Helps Energize Muscles. Muscles that don’t maintain their balance of water can shrivel, which results in muscle fatigue. Muscles perform best when properly hydrated. For heave muscle activity, hydrating 2 hours prior is beneficial. And then make sure to drink water throughout activity to replace the water lost during session.
  3. Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good. Your skin is an organ that needs plenty of water.While drinking water doesn’t erase wrinkles; dehydration will dry your skin and create the appearance of more wrinkles.

Risk Factors

  1. Infants and Children. Infants and children are especially vulnerable because of their smaller body mass and higher turnover of water and electrolytes. They also experience the most diarrhea.
  1. Seniors. Seniors are more susceptible to dehydration. Mainly because of the bodies reduced ability to retain water; and the older you get, the less able we are to detect thirst. There is also the fact that as they eat less in older years, they are drinking less. These problems are compounded by chronic illnesses, diabetes, dementia, and medication side effects.
  2. Alcohol. Alcohol interferes with the brain and kidney communications, and causes excess excretion of fluids, which then leads to dehydration.

Water Types: Spring, Purified, Tap, Artisan

Water Quantity

The old saying that we should get 8 glasses of water a day is not a practical concept. For one, it has no flexibility for people of different sizes. If you are an obese 400 pounds, you will want to drink a lot more than 8 glasses and day, and if you are a 75 pound child, 8 glasses is probably a little on the heavy side.

The new way to determine how much water you should have is to do the math. Take your body weight, divide it by two, and that is how many ounces of water you should be having every day. I weigh 250 pounds, divided by two is 125 ounces, or about one gallon of water a day.

And of course water quantity can be adjusted based on the activity you are partaking in. I also believe that quantity is far more important than purity, but let’s take a look at more.

Water Purity

In todays world, we often don’t know what’s in our water. Does cleaning water really make it clean? What about the metals and the fluoride? Does that get removed? Not with all water purification systems. Some filtering systems are simply better than others.