There is a lot of buzz about The Alkaline Diet, and it all goes back to the1930s when Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the nobel prize for his work.  Many of the posts you see out there present the claim to fame that Dr. Warburg has the cure for cancer.  Then there is the ridiculous claims that he actually discovered cancer, but history certainly shows known cancers back in the 1700s.  The more accurate statement would be that Dr. Warburg discovered the ‘cause’ of cancers.

Now while his discoveries were many, there was not a miracle pill for the prevention or cure for all cancer.  This is simply because there are literally thousands of cancers, and the number of cancers has been rapidly increasing as fast as the invention of new chemicals, pesticides, and drugs.  There is simply no keeping up with it.

While Dr. Warburg was a man ahead of his time, his findings have have far more practical impact that the billions of dollars spent since then in the so called ‘fight’ against cancer.  I could go into his discovery of sugar being a fuel for cancer, or the fact that low oxygen is a better breeding ground for cancer growth; but today I will simply quote him word for word about alkaline.  He stated that, “NO disease, including cancer,can exist in an alkaline environment”.  And this statement is almost as true today as it was back then.  I say ‘almost’ because there are still rare cases of cancers that are simply tough old buggers. And there are new cancers that were unheard of back in Warburg’s day.

But because of these increased cancers; the reality and need for an alkaline body is even greater today than ever before.   Warburg’s advice back then was to “give your body more oxygen and an alkaline environment”.  So back then their first recommendations were to do more deep breathing, live outside of the cities if possible, and only eat alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Today, we know that consuming animal fats and refined oils actually coats all of your cells, preventing them from getting the optimal oxygen.  So if you simply eliminate those products, the majority of the job is done.

The other element is the foods we eat.  And the same facts of yesterday are true today.  Eat more whole plant strong foods, and avoid the processed products.   I have yet to discover the ‘perfect’ chart when it comes to alkaline vs acidic.  They all seem to have one problem or another, like they are not all on the same page.  But here are a couple charts to give you an idea of what is presented out there when it comes to opinions:



So for now, we will simply state that an Alkaline Body is the result of eating healthier, and it will certainly and dramatically lower the odds of cancer growth.  So keep eating those fresh plant strong foods, and stay away from both animal products and refined oils.  It’s still the best way to get a better Alkaline body.