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Chef Mark Anthony


Chef Mark is currently on tour around the country. He has done cooking shows in every continental state in the country. and in 2010 he had over 240 events. He has had spotlight coverage in dozens of newspapers and magazines around the country, has 4 books published, and does cooking programs on 3ABN world wide television regularly.


Clients: Jack Nicklaus, Joan Jett, Molly Hatchet, Jerry Brown, Journey, Jethro Tull, Bad Company, REO Speedwagon, Kansas, Billy Squire,just to name a very few. He has also done dozens of global foreign leaders, politicians, and a often some people, not mentioned, that are secretly provided for.


Executive Chef: Mark has been an executive chef for many years now. His talents range from the home cooked meal to the highest gourmet productions. He has been an executive chef at 7 different properties. His first Executive Chef position was at the age of 23 back in 1987. One of his chef positions was at the Sands for 2 years, back in 1989. Over the years he has also been General Manager and Food & Beverage Director for major properties. He has been in the business for over 30 years. His food preparation and kitchen management skills are second to none.


Restaurant Design: Mark has designed a few facilities from the ground up and is also excellent at remodeling and uplifting existing properties. Small or large, on a tight budget or a large renovation, Mark is certainly capable of producing the results successfully. He is excellent by both artistic visions and layout efficiency. Being both health requirement aware and building code knowledgeable certainly proves to be a great asset.


Menu Planning: Menu planning is something so important to a business. Mark can design you a menu that is both tailored to your facilities capability and the clients you are targeting. His strategies of menu planning and producing, can literally save your food cost and increase more dollars to the cash register. He is capable of both special event menus and institutional menus for hospitals, prisons and schools.


New Restaurant Producer: Mark is a fantastic asset to have in the production of a new restaurant. He is an ace when it comes to getting a restaurant on track for the first time. He has done over a dozen stores and gave every one of them a successful start. There is no better time to have Mark in your corner. That is also one of Mark's best talents, and one he enjoys the most.

Crew Training: Mark is a great instructor, rather it be training for the first time, or retraining, Mark makes it great. He is a team player that makes a team work together. He is a great speaker and has a number of motivation seminars developed to increase enthusiasm and productivity.


Event Planner: As an event planner, Mark is capable of it all. He has done everything from small parties to large gatherings in excess of 35,000 people.

Food and Beverage Consultant: As you can see, Mark is a fantastic advisor. He has always been willing to offer his years of knowledge and talents. You would certainly be WOWED by his dedication to perfection and production.


Seminars: We can also do seminars on food safety, money saving, time management, and motivation meetings. These meetings can be conducted for groups small and large. We can customize them for your particular establishment. Call or e-mail with your intentions.

Income and Expense Evaluations: Mark can provide you with the proper paper productions to track your income and expense. It is still the best way to see where you were at and where you are going to be. It is a necessary tool of any business.


Cost Cutting Programs: Mark is great at seeing the ways to cut cost without cutting quality or service. Some times it takes money to SAVE money. When he saves you even a few hundred a week, that adds up fast.


Marketing Promoter: Mark has worked and promoted many events ranging from the smallest gatherings to events in excess of 40,000 people. Mark has a strong grasp of what it takes to market. He can certainly produce the exposure for any establishment. Generally at a fraction of the cost.

Mark Spends much of his time now working on his spice business and doing catering for a select few celebrities.

He also still plays advisor to others. If you are needing help just ask, he is always willing to listen.


Here is a mini studio that Mark built for a group in Utah to do film production. He certainly has an eye for more than just cooking.



Catering To The Celebrities


Mark has catered to hundreds of the hottest celebrities and key figures from

around the world. Here are just a few.

  • jack nicklaus

    "Great Spread" Jack Nicklaus

  • Jerry Brown

    "Great Chef" Jerry Brown

  • "Fabulous, Outrageously Fun and Creative" KT

  • reospeedwagon

    Reo Speedwagon


  • Journey


  • "Fantastic Food" Xxxxxx
  • Joan Jett

  • Kansas



  • Jethro Tull

  • Molly Hatchett

  • Paul Rodgers

    Paul Rodgers

  • Billy Squire

  • Bad Company

    Night Ranger

  • "The Best" Robert E. Lee
  • Here are a Couple of Chef Coats with many Dozens of Celebrity Signatures on them :)
  • "Mark, You're the Best Chef in Las Vegas" Earnie Spellman